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Knock Knock. Who’s There? – Forest Freak 50k

Knock Knock Who’s There? 3 Miles 3 Miles Who? 3 mile loops, 10 times makes you a Forest Freak!   May 21st we completed our 3rd 50k in 2016.  The Knock on Wood Forest Freak, hence the corny knock knock joke.  ha.. laugh it’s funny, ok may not.   http://www.upstateultra.com/without-limits-running-series.html  Last year we ran this race as our very first 50k so… Read more →

river crossing

Leatherwood 50K

Shawn and I ran our 4th 50k this past weekend.  We stayed at the Leatherwood Mountain resort.  http://www.leatherwoodmountains.com/  This area was beautiful, lots of horses and mountains, lots of mountains. The cabin we rented was a 2 person 1 room place. It was perfect.  We literally walked out the door to the start and finish. This made for a great… Read more →

Here we come

Tri the Ridge – Pickens, SC

This was my 2nd Sprint Tri this year.  I had not planned on doing this one due to schedule conflict however that changed so I registered for it 3 days prior to the event.  I would have NEVER done that in the past but since I’ve been training for my Half Iron distance I felt confident I could complete it… Read more →