The magic pill

I have a colleague who I have worked with for well over 12 years, who I consider a good friend. He has talked me off the cliff a number of times with respect to how to approach issues at work or with employees etc. He is a stand up individual and one hell of a leader. I have enjoyed watching… Read more →


Creativity and running

While I was running this morning at Paris Mountain attempting to recover from the steep canyon 50k I was letting my mind wander and think of the creative process. I recently listened to the Source of Creativity segment on the Ted Radio Hour, I had heard most of the TED talks before; however, the one that has stood out the most is… Read more →


50k or Bust

I’m not sure what my initial thoughts were on pursuing a 50k. I was looking for something other than a triathlon.  Shawn and I had started doing some trail running and both enjoyed it way more than road running.  I have never really like running so this change made it more enjoyable. Wrapping my head around running 31 miles was… Read more →



I am not one that is in touch with my emotions. That is not to say that I am not aware, but I rarely have control of the immediate impulse. When I had a shrink he indicated that I have poor impulse control. I find it fascinating that people get paid to label behaviors that are self evident. I would… Read more →