Yeti 25k, 2017

This year has not been my year. I am old. Old in spirit. Old physically. Well not really. 47, is that old? I don’t know.I honestly don’t. I like to run. I love the feeling of being in the woods. Completely disconnected from technology. Cell phones, be damned to the deepest depths of hell fire. This year like the previous… Read more →


Knock Knock. Who’s There? – Forest Freak 50k

Knock Knock Who’s There? 3 Miles 3 Miles Who? 3 mile loops, 10 times makes you a Forest Freak!   May 21st we completed our 3rd 50k in 2016.  The Knock on Wood Forest Freak, hence the corny knock knock joke.  ha.. laugh it’s funny, ok may not.  Last year we ran this race as our very first 50k so… Read more →


Creativity and running

While I was running this morning at Paris Mountain attempting to recover from the steep canyon 50k I was letting my mind wander and think of the creative process. I recently listened to the Source of Creativity segment on the Ted Radio Hour, I had heard most of the TED talks before; however, the one that has stood out the most is… Read more →