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A lot of things happen and change in 1 year… About this time last year the thought of running was something I really did not enjoy at all.  I would run the minimum to train for a 5k or a triathlon.  I remember going running while we were at the beach over Thanksgiving in 2012 and could barley make it… Read more →

Here we come

Tri the Ridge – Pickens, SC

This was my 2nd Sprint Tri this year.  I had not planned on doing this one due to schedule conflict however that changed so I registered for it 3 days prior to the event.  I would have NEVER done that in the past but since I’ve been training for my Half Iron distance I felt confident I could complete it… Read more →

orange dress

Fitness Competitions- A Recap

While in college I watched a fitness competition on ESPN and thought that looks like fun. Girls are fit, doing gymnastics, cheerleading moves and dance.  All things I enjoyed doing.  Since I was no longer doing any sports while in college I thought this might be a fun activity to do.  My first ever competition was in Chicago in 1996.… Read more →


Tri the Swamp Rabbit at Furman

Sprint Triathlon 250 meter pool Swim 16 mile Bike 5 km Run Results: Swim- 5:28 Bike- 57:37 Run- 28.42 Total Time:  1:34 Triathlon Recap:  Dreary raining race day but I will take that over a hot humid one.  I was really excited about doing this tri.  Wanted to just have fun and use this as a good first tri for… Read more →