Knock Knock. Who’s There? – Forest Freak 50k

Knock Knock

Who’s There?

3 Miles

3 Miles Who?

3 mile loops, 10 times makes you a Forest Freak!


May 21st we completed our 3rd 50k in 2016.  The Knock on Wood Forest Freak, hence the corny knock knock joke.  ha.. laugh it’s funny, ok may not.  Last year we ran this race as our very first 50k so it was great to run it again.  The weekend started off with Katie Bug running her kids race.  She finished first for all the girls.  We were very proud of her.

Kbug first for girls

Shawn was determined to do better than last year and had a few people “pinned” to beat. I wanted to finish under the 7-hour mark.  My time last year was 7:18.  I felt good throughout the first half of the race.  A new running pal we ran into again and I ran together through most of the first 16 or so miles.  I typically don’t really like chit chatting much while I’m running but it was a nice change. We talked about kids, husbands, triathlons and had some good laughs.  I did have a few frustrating moments during the race.  Stopped twice to go to the bathroom once I came through my finished lap.  Yeah I’ll go to the actual bathroom rather than in the woods…. bonus!!   I had to wait in line, WTF! I was pretty irritated but took a deep breath and used my time to stretch. Seriously, get it together this is not the Olympic trials it will be okay.

I started this race out eating from the get go.  Eat, drink, repeat more than I usually do.  I wanted to stay ahead of any depletion this race.  I finished 5 laps and was feeling pretty strong but dehydrated and getting a little nauseous. I was drinking electrolytes but it didn’t seem to be helping.  I drank half a smoothie to get some sugar in my system and drank half a LaCroix.  Man, that was so good since it was super cold. I decided to hold off on eating any more Bonk Breaker bars and just do a few gels as needed.  That helped get rid of the nauseous feeling I was having.  I may have eaten too much and my body was stressed and trying to digest and was having trouble.  Around mile 16 I started to walk as I was getting tired.  Wanted to be able to give my legs a little break and calm my belly.  I had a plan to walk a certain section and then run the rest but trying to watch my time as I was still wanting to finish under 7 hours.

I saw Shawn one last time, actually he passed me and said this is it.  I yelled out finish out hard and he took off past me.  Yeah for him… boo for me as I had 3 more laps to go.  I became pretty disheartened when I came in from my 9th lap as everyone seemed to think I was done.  I said no I have one more.  Shawn was taking pictures and looked at me puzzled and was like “really”?  Even the timing lady double checked and said yes you have one more.  I refilled my water and headed back out a little discouraged.  My focus changed… get through this stupid last lap with no walking.  I looked down at my watch and it read 6:35… Fuck.. I won’t make it under 7 hours.  I entered the woods pretty mad and a little beaten. That first mile of the loop I was beating myself up trying to figure out what and where was I slow, did I really need to walk at all or was I just taking it easy. Blah, blah blah…  Next 2 miles I turned off the thinking and just kept moving forward.

Peace forest freak

As I came out of the woods I was looking forward to being done.  My feet and ankles were achy and I just wanted to sit down. The last stretch to the finish Katie ran with me and I told her she couldn’t beat me, she needed to stay next to me. HA HA… even up to the end the competitiveness comes out.  Shawn and my parents were there with smiles and congratulations. My finish time was 7:09.  Nine stupid minutes… probably from waiting in line for the bathroom.  HA HA. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in myself.  This past year we have been training and running some really hilly and hard races to help train.  This race was flat and I felt strong through most of it. Sure I beat my time from last year by 9 minutes as I know that should count for something.  But for whatever reason it seems the hilly races my time matches up better with the difficulty. This is the first 50k that I didn’t think half-way through I’m never doing another one of these again. However, I think I need to step away for a month and do some other things also (bike, swim, weight train) to get refocused on enjoying running.  My frustrations are running pretty high. (HA, no pun intended)



Forest Freak Notebook


This ultra running gig has really been a soul searching experience for me. I’ve come to realize some things about myself I’ve never thought of before. Some good, some not so much. But over all I’m happy with the direction ultra running is taking myself, Shawn and Katie.  This picture sums up our weekend and the family bond we have.

running family

# UltraVegan