Comments and Thoughts While Running



standing on the rockSunday was the first day of spring.  We put the girls in the car and drove up to Table Rock, SC.  This a fantastic place that we will be visiting more for our training runs.  It’s beautiful, challenging and a great running experience.  Shawn took the girls hiking while I got in a good 10 mile run.  My mind and body were in good spirits as I started.  I started up the Table Rock trail and started closing in on a group of adult hikers.  Probably 10 or 12 of them.  I did my usually “behind you”, on your left call out to not startle them and also to ask to move to the side so I could get past them.  I came up on one couple and the man stepped to the side and said “power hiker” coming and then looked back at me and saw I was running.  He said “You are crazy” and then his wife stepped to the side and in a condescending tone said “she is most certainly crazy”.  Those comments really hit a nerve with me.  My first impulse was to turn around and flip them both the bird.  I pondered over what they said and what my response could have been up until I hit the 2 mile mark.  I stopped at an over look and took some pictures and began running again.  Still pondering about what they said.  I told myself, I’ve carried it long enough… let it go and enjoy this run.


Pinnacle mtnMade it to the top of Pinnacle Mountain and hit over 3000 feet of elevation and pure, amazing quiet and stillness.  I paused for a moment and was present. It was so quiet and peaceful.   Got to the overlook and there was a group of 3 people and a black lab having a snack.  We exchanged hellos and took pictures of one another.



sitting on table rockpink blooms on top of the rock


I continued down the rest of the mountain.  Going downhill is tough and technical at Table Rock but also pretty fun. Got about 2 miles from the trail head and started seeing more people.  Ran up behind a lady and she moved to the left and I turned and looked her straight in the face as I passed her and said Hello.  She said Hi and then said “Show Off”.  What??? I just chuckled and thought what the hell is going on with people today. Came up on 3 boy scouts sitting on a rock taking a break I heard them say wow, someone is actually running up here.  As I passed them and smiled I heard the other say that’s super impressive.  I gave them a thumbs up and finished my run.  Ponder this… the children were motivating the adults where un-motivating.

Those couple comments have played over in my head since that run.  Part of me is like whatever, don’t hate on me because I’m challenging myself and you are not.  Stop being jealous of others and do some ass kicking yourself.  The other part is thinking hey they are all out there moving forward and getting some exercise and that is what it’s about.  Maybe they have some turmoil going on in life and they made a sharp comment to me unintentional.  But it’s funny I see and have heard this a lot.  Maybe not directly but indirectly.  I saw it when I was doing fitness competitions, triathlons and now ultra-running.  I don’t expect people to understand it or even think about trying it.  A person who truly cares about your interest will say wow that is fantastic, good for you.  They don’t judge, demotivate or ridicule you. Take a deeper look into yourself and figure out where this negativity is coming from.

I just hope that passing those 3 boy scouts gave them a little inspiration to push a little harder, go a little further and get out of their comfort zone.  Because in the big picture the kids are who I want to encourage.  I want my daughter to see you can do amazing things and it doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else but you.  Achieving and success should not be determine by anyone else but YOU!