Creativity and running

While I was running this morning at Paris Mountain attempting to recover from the steep canyon 50k I was letting my mind wander and think of the creative process. I recently listened to the Source of Creativity segment on the Ted Radio Hour, I had heard most of the TED talks before; however, the one that has stood out the most is the one by Sir Ken Robinson. Something he said stuck out and has been kind of a brain worm since. Kids are not afraid to try. They are not afraid to express themselves creatively. I began to wonder if this was the same for running or exercise in general. I believe it is. My kids run all the time, I remember running all over the place when I was a child, probably at the behest of my parents. What happens when we get older that for most this desire stops? All children know how to and love to draw they also love to run and play. What have we done to squash this capacity to run like a child or be creative like a child? Is it part of the education process stigmatizing one for trying and failing? I know personally I have had several break throughs when painting and they typically come when I am so frustrated with whatever it is I am working on that I say fuck it and then just start flinging paint because at that point I really don’t give a shit whether or not I succeed. I am not afraid of failing. I have been trying to use this thought process in most of the things I do whether it be trying to understand some process at work or attempting to draw a portrait. I think I have been applying it in my running when I see a steep hill I attack it knowing that I wont reach the top without having to stop; however, the desired goal was to reach it and keep going at full strength. Like art, running is about practice and repetition. Not giving up and not being afraid to fail. I have these little insights when I run, I like to call them my running epiphanies. Todays was If you cross the starting line but don’t finish, it doesn’t matter. It was not a failure. You did more than the folks who didn’t even try. This applies to pretty much anything you do. If you don’t try anything you will never succeed at anything but living a life that was safe. That is boring to me.


In darkness I ran
morning dew drips down changed leaves
doe snort and run

arriving home content
post run pains announce themselves
where’s the coffee man?

where’s the coffee man!
Tony Hortons? ground up ready
tis cooking. wait. wait


coffee swamped_sunrise