Would you eat green algae? I do and love it!!

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As an athlete I always want to find pure food to help fuel me through my workouts.  Everything now days seem to have so much added to it and most likely not really needed.  The whole GMO issue makes me wonder how safe it really is.  Is it best to buy organic or are things still safe?  Do your research is all I’ll say about that.  Moving on… Energybits have become my go to for training.  These little green pills taste nasty.  They are not to be chewed on unless you like the taste of sea water, grass, dirt and maybe a hint of cat food.  Swallowing them is the much recommended way to eat them.  You can read up on the official stuff here http://www.energybits.com.  Algae has been around for well, like forever. Probably a strong source for fuel and has a great nutritional profile.

“Spirulina is fresh water blue green algae that was the first plant life on earth almost three billion years ago. Spirulina is so concentrated with nutrition that forty years ago the United Nations declared it to be the healthiest food in the world. Algae’s nutritional profile is so impressive that the scientific, nutrition, sports and medical communities have conducted over 100,000 scientific studies about its health benefits.” Per energybits website.

They have other types of “bits” you can try out for all avenues in life.  Recoverybits are another good option also as I have taken these after long runs (15+ miles.)

There are many health benefits from energybits.  They help improve athletic performance, provide energy, helps with muscle recovery and reduce fatigue and not to mention the high levels of vitamins and minerals.   Non-GMO and 100% organically grown.  The biggest thing I love about them is they are gentle on my stomach.  I have a lot of issues with cramping, nausea, etc. during too intense workouts and never had these upset my tummy.  They give me energy that last.  Some days they are my breakfast.  These awesome green pills are food not a supplement.


EB BAA year or so ago I inquired more about Energybits and there ambassador program.  I filled out the necessary information and became an ambassador for them.  I’m not required to do much for them but pass around the word about them to other athletes.  I like to tweet and post about when I use them during workouts and pass on info about them as often as I can.  They gave me a promo code to share with all my peeps.  Here it is… FFGVILLE gets you 25% off your purchase.  Go grab a bag of bits.

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