Weekend run in the rain with my Hoka’s

This weekend it was a bit miserable out. At least on saturday it was. I got up relatively early and drank a smoothie and some espresso with butter in it (google bulletproof coffee ). I was pretty unmotivated to do anything thanks to the weather. I had debated on going into the shop and doing some wood working. I can’t say that I had any desire to run but the idea of it was attractive. Implementation not so much. The girls left to go to a play so I had 2 hours to kill before I had to be a dad again. I did the dishes and swept the house up real quick. Took the dogs out in the rain then came back in and had to clean up again.

In the back of my head I was feeling guilty. Not about not running but about the fact that I hadn’t run since Tuesday and this leg pain is getting the best of me and I feel like I am failing. That my health is starting to fail and that I am heading into the grouchy old age and immobility. Kim can confirm that I have grouchy covered.

Then the bullet proof espresso kicked in and all I could think about was running like Forest Gump. My ears were ringing and I had some unearthly energy so I donned my shorts and a see through rain jacket that is breathable and headed over to Conestee and planned on training for the ultra that will be there next June. ┬áThe strategy that I am planning on using is run 5 miles, walk 1 mile. I ran the first 5 in the rain, it was pretty steady but I wasn’t cold so it was very tolerable. My feet were wet and rubbing blisters into form but other than that it was just me in the woods. No other soul could be found. Heavenly. Until I tried to walk a mile. That was so boring I made it to .11 miles before I started to run again. That being said I did just run until I felt like walking so around 7 miles in I was getting a slight headache and had some knee discomfort so I walked at 3/10’s of a mile and then ran some more.

In the end I was able to get 10 miles in and I was still very comfortable and believe I could have logged another 10 had I the time. My leg pain was pretty much nonexistent so I have to attribute that to keeping my form strict, the Hoka  trail shoes, and some support around my lower back in the form of a neoprene compression wrap that I used to use when lifting heavy weights.

Below is the route I ran and the metrics collected: