Ultra aspirations?

ultra aspirations

Kim and I are doing an ultra in June of 2015. I don’t plan on setting any records and I don’t think Kim is planning on setting any records either. It is not that challenging of a course. Right now I am in constant pain from my lower back to the front side of my left leg. I can eat aleve and it goes away while I am running. I need to find out what the deal is with that. I am using the pain as an opportunity to meditate and refocus my brain on the run rather than the pain in my leg.


My fear is that one day aleve will not suffice and I will end up addicted to opiates. I do have a tendency to be drawn to self destructive behaviors.

I don’t really have any interest in running on the road that much anymore. I feel so much more at peace internally when I am running through the woods. Of course it is difficult to get any kind of speed. My pace on the road is usually 7:30 but my pace in the woods is variable and rarely in the 7’s.


Emotionally I am constipated.

I feel so angry and tired pretty much every day now.  I would not say it has anything to do with training though because I am doing a little bit of crossfit. I use the crossfit term loosely here as I am not doing any of that idiotic olympic lifting shit just mostly pull ups, push ups, squats, body weight exercises and I don’t go to a crossfit gym, I can only handle so much douche baggary in my life on a daily basis. Additionally, I run three times a week for a minimum of 6 miles per run but that is not set in stone.
I think I am eating ok. I am looking into following a eating regimen put together by Dave Asprey. His plan approaches removing inflammatory foods or foods that may have mold on it that you typically wouldn’t know where moldy.
Anyway. I have a 16 week plan that I am going to follow: http://cdn.running.competitor.com/files/2012/11/46_nat_r1.pdf
But to be honest I had planned on just running 5 miles and walking one, run 5 miles and walking one, until I finish it. I am not sure I could run the whole distance. The marathon relay I ran I felt ok for the most part, I had a lot of hip flexor stiffness but wasn’t really sore the day after nor was I exhausted. I didn’t train for that. Longest distance I had run before that was 14 miles. But psychologically I was a bit fucked up chemically for a month afterwards. Not sure what that was about.


But right now I am tired and fucking angry for no reason at all.

Update to this post. I want to add this video because I get this question quite a bit, why do you run, why do you want to run so far, what’s the point etc. This video has many answers and most of them resonate as right for me.

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