A lot of things happen and change in 1 year…

About this time last year the thought of running was something I really did not enjoy at all.  I would run the minimum to train for a 5k or a triathlon.  I remember going running while we were at the beach over Thanksgiving in 2012 and could barley make it 2 miles without feeling totally spent. I was frustrated at myself and thought Shawn hasn’t ran for like 20 years and he puts on a new pair of running shoes and does 5 miles, what am I missing?  He told me many times that running in the morning is liberating and refreshing.  All I heard was “getting up early and running”, two things I least like to do.  As we headed into Christmas and the first part of the year I was going back and forth in my head with what my fitness goals were going to be for the 2013 year. Do I want to continue doing triathlons? Try out cross fit? Go back to teaching group fitness? Just find workouts to do at the gym? Find something new?

I was looking at the Ironman page and read some articles on doing a Half and thought wow that is so much hard work and training to prepare for those races but what an awesome feeling it would be to accomplish one of those.  But what do you eat, how much do you really need to train, I would have to get up early and workout. YUCK!!   I then realized what my running problem had been… my head! My head and attitude was all wrong about it.  All I keep thinking about was how I couldn’t do it and I hadn’t even tried.

On February 6th 2013 I woke up that day and said I am going to run.  I’m going to run till I can’t run anymore.  I got changed at work and ran on my lunch break.  I cleared my head of all the noise.   I ran 7.07 miles that day.  I’ve never ran 7 miles before. The furthest was a 10k like 15 years ago.  Why did I do it?  Because I got my head right and told myself to just run… don’t think about not liking it, get out of your head and just feel it.  Its funny how we are so smart but so dumb at times.   We over think and over analyze even before we attempt things.

In 2013 I’ve achieved some major milestones that I never thought possible.  I just need to remember to let my heart lead and not my head because motivation and determination always come from within.


My First Half Marathon in April 2013!

half me and katie