Shriners Childrens Hospital Candlelight 5k


Shawn and I took part in the Shriners Hospital for Children Candlelight 5k.  It was a fun run except it got humid rather fast during the run.  Shawn said he was going to run with me and pace me and I was like ok but if you want to just go that’s cool.  Shawn got caught up next to a guy who wanted to chat with him… needless to say he took off and left me hanging. HA!  At Mile marker 1 they had a time clock, it read 6:24 when I ran by.  I was like WTF! No way I’m running that fast.  Shawn said when he went by it it said 6:00.  At the turn around point around mile 2 we passed each other exchanged smiles and a wave.  When we crossed the finish line we both realized that this race was not a 5k.  My GPS watch said 2.67.  Regardless, both Shawn and I set new PR’s.

Greenville is such a great running community.  Almost 600 people came out on a Saturday night to run for children.  Our entry fee was all donated to the Shriners Children Hospital.

Shawn’s Stats:
Place 52 out of 545

My Stats:
Placed 109 out of 545
I did place 2nd in my age group!