Fitness Competitions- A Recap

While in college I watched a fitness competition on ESPN and thought that looks like fun. Girls are fit, doing gymnastics, cheerleading moves and dance.  All things I enjoyed doing.  Since I was no longer doing any sports while in college I thought this might be a fun activity to do.  My first ever competition was in Chicago in 1996.  I had no idea what I was doing. (-:  I worked out the same as I normally did and cut out stuff like ice cream, soda and anything fast food.  I thought I was on a “diet”.  I did my own choreography for my fitness routine.  Used Bat Dance by Prince and made my own outfit. It was low budget for sure.  I took an old swimsuit I had and added some gold studs to “dress” it up a bit.  Got some black heels and was all set.  I knew nothing about tanning, cutting out carbs, proper swim suits and shoes for this type of thing. It sure showed when I was there, however I was not the only first timer so thankfully I didn’t totally stand out.  I did not place and I remember feeling so disappointed afterwards.  Not sure why I had my hopes up about it.  Young and dumb I guess…  I didn’t get back into competing until 2004.  Each year moving forward I learned more and got better help.  In 2006 I hired a coach and had some “professionals” help with my fitness routine and swimsuit selection and my diet.  I placed better at some events and even won some.  (-:  I’ve highlighted a few of the bigger shows I did through the years I competed.


Purple looney
looney2 blue suit
black suit orange dress

MS. FITNESS- Las Vegas

I competed in Ms. Fitness in 2005 and 2006.  Here are a few pictures.  Great thing about this show was you got tons a cool free stuff and the aired the competition on TV.  There was 3 rounds for this competition: Fitness, swimsuit and evening dress with a 2 minute speech on what fitness means to me.


2007 Fitness Universe – Miami, FL

*Fitness America was one federation that did not seem to favor my natural muscular build.  I always had trouble leaning out for their shows and typically got “deducted” for too much muscle.

Here are a few photos that were taken during my trip to Miami.  If was a 3 day weekend of competitions with over 100 competitors.

342_30731894829_6871_n Best Abs
342_30731899829_7144_n miami


2008 NPC Jr. National- Chicago, IL

Fitness Routine- Gangster

*This was the last year that I competed before I had my daughter.  This routine was one of my favorites of the 3 that I used during the 6 years of competing

Some times I do miss competing and have thought about going back to give it one more go.  The fitness competition world has changed a lot since I did it.  Its a lot about who you know and who you market and who is your sponsor.  I’ve never done it to get a “break” as a model, spokesperson or have my name up on the big screen.  Sure that would have been nice but I like doing it for the sheer competition.   Just another chapter in my Fitness life story book.

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