Tri the Swamp Rabbit at Furman

Sprint Triathlon

  • 250 meter pool Swim
  • 16 mile Bike
  • 5 km Run


  • Swim- 5:28
  • Bike- 57:37
  • Run- 28.42
  • Total Time:  1:34

Before the Tri the Rabbit race

Triathlon Recap:  Dreary raining race day but I will take that over a hot humid one.  I was really excited about doing this tri.  Wanted to just have fun and use this as a good first tri for this year.  Felt strong in the swim and was comfortable in the water.  Just tried to keep my breathing and strokes consistent.  Took a little too long in transition, something I need to work on.  Bike course was hilly.  A lot of steady climbs.  Half way through we got hit with a down pour of rain.  Going through some fast down hills made for a few scary moments.  First 5 miles my legs seemed heavy but I finally got more comfortable and got in to a good pace.  Passed two ladies that were in my age group.  (-:   On to the run.. my pace was better than my normal so that was good.  I felt a little slow after the first mile and tried to kick my pace up a tad to get a little better time.  Overall I was very pleased with my time. swamp_trigirl My awesome family was there to cheer me on, rain and all.  That always makes me smile and helps me push through any rough spots during the race. For more details about the triathalon please visit Set up Events